Publications + other information

Wild, Pitt Street Poetry, 2014, Sydney.
This Floating World, Five Islands Press, 2011, Melbourne.
Fresh News from the Arctic, Interactive Press, 2006, Brisbane.

Contemporary Australian Poetry (edited by Martin Langford et al), Puncher & Wattman, 2016, Glebe [Yen (poetry)]. The Stony Thursday Book: A Collection of Contemporary Poetry, 40th Anniversary Edition (edited by Mary O'Donnell), Limerick City & County Council, 2015, Ireland [Voltage (poetry)]. Prayers of a Secular World (edited by Jordie Albiston and Kevin Brophy), Inkerman & Blunt Publishers, 2015, Melbourne [Yen (poetry)]. Underneath: The University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor's International Poetry Prize 2015 Anthology, Axon Elements (International Poetry Studies Institute), University of Canberra, 2015, Canberra [She Charts the Geography of Longing (poetry)]. Australian Love Poems (edited by Mark Tredinnick), Inkerman & Blunt Publishers, 2014, Melbourne [Hymn (poetry)]. The Stony Thursday Book No 12 (edited by Paddy Bushe), Limerick City & County Council, 2013, Ireland [The Book of Water, Yen (poetry)]. Australian Love Poems 2013 (edited by Mark Tredinnick), Inkerman & Blunt Publishers, 2013, Melbourne [Hymn (poetry)]. Writing That Risks: New Work from Beyond the Mainstream (edited by Liana Holmberg and Deborah Steinberg), Red Bridge Press, 2013, San Francisco [Blueness (poetry)]. Notes for the Translators: From 140 New Zealand and Australian Poets (edited by Christopher Kelen), Association of Stories in Macao and Cerberus Press, 2012, Macao, China [Fire (poetry)]. Thirty Australian Poets (edited by Felicity Plunkett), University of Queensland Press, 2011, St Lucia [In Development, The Dream Jar, Lone Figure - Malin Head, Woman Drawing the Curtains of Her Bedroom - Carrick-on-Shannon, Lone Figure - Annaghmakerrig, Widower Sitting on the Edge of His Bed - Kinsale, Woman - Bray Head (poetry)]. The Captain's Tower: Seventy Poets Celebrate Bob Dylan at Seventy (edited by Phil Bowen, Damian Furniss and David Woolley), Seren, 2011, Wales [How Like (poetry)]. The Stony Thursday Book No 9 (edited by Mark Whelan), Limerick City & County Councils, 2010, Ireland [The Lotus Eaters (poetry)]. Poetry without Borders (edited by Michelle Cahill), Picaro Press, 2008, Warners Bay [Your Body Bare (poetry)]. Sunweight: 2005 Newcastle Poetry Prize Anthology (edited by Judy Johnson, Judith Beveridge and Brian Joyce), Hunter Writers Centre, 2005, Newcastle West [Nicolas Baudin; The Anatomy of Clouds (poetry)]. In Our Own Words: A Generation Defining Itself, Vol 5 (edited by Marlow Peerse Weaver), MW Enterprises, 2004, USA [Pigeonholes (poetry)]. From the Anabranch, Poets Union, 2002, Sydney [Home from The Middle East, 1942 (poetry)]. Love the Word, Poets Union, 1999, Sydney. [Evolution of Mortality; Elephant Love Songs (poetry)]. Untitled, Poets Union, 1998, Sydney [Sadovy-Kudrinksy Street, Moscow (poetry)].

Somerset National Poetry Prize 2005, 2005, Queensland [Fresh News from the Arctic (poetry)]. The Broadway Poetry Prize 2001, Picaro Press, 2001, Warners Bay [Elephant (poetry)].

Workbooks for students and teachers
The Weekly Poem: 52 Exercises in Closed and Open Forms (edited by Jordie Albiston), Puncher & Wattmann, 2014, Glebe, [Overheard Conversations - Parnell Street (poetry)].

Journals + other publications
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Special performances (for stage)
This Floating World (poetry), devised for stage and performed by Teresa Bell and Gavin Blatchford. The Sydney Fringe, 24-25 September 2011 (The Greek Theatre, Marrickville). Byron Bay Writers' Festival, 7 August 2011. The Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing and Ideas, Melbourne, 11 July 2010. Salt on the Tongue Goolwa Poetry Festival 2010, South Australia, 25 April 2010. Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre, New South Wales, 17 April 2010.

Special performances (for music)
Ursa Major (poetry written by Libby Hart, music composed by Peter Martin). Arrangement for soprano and cello. First performed at the Queensland Conservatorium on 21 May 2015 by soprano Amber Evans and cellist Robert Manley. Ursa Major, Bequest, Cloverfield and Spirit Photograph (poetry written by Libby Hart, music composed by Peter Martin). Arrangement for soprano and cello. Performed at St Stephen's Cathedral in Brisbane on 23 September 2015.

Special projects
Poetry for Spaces project: Coordinated by North West Words, this project aims to encourage a wider interest in poetry by making it more accessible throughout County Donegal, Ireland. April-June 2014 // 'Nest' (poetry), displayed in eight locations in Donegal (including Dungloe, Gweedore, Letterkenny, Milford and Ramelton). September-October 2014 // 'Mal'ak' (poetry), displayed in nine locations throughout Donegal (including Burtonport, Dungloe, Letterkenny, Milford and Ramelton).

2011 // Two Fires Poetry Competition 2011 (Two Fires Festival), winner for 'Aftertaste' (poetry).
2010 // Melbourne Overload Poetry Festival Awards: Shelton Lea Award, winner for This Floating World (poetry).
2007 // Varuna Awards for Manuscript Development (Masterclass).
2006 // Fellowship of Australian Writers National Literary Awards: Anne Elder Award, winner for Fresh News from the Arctic (collection of poetry).
2005 // Somerset National Poetry Prize, winner for 'Fresh News from the Arctic' (individual poem).
2003 // DJ O'Hearn Memorial Fellowship, The Australian Centre, University of Melbourne. Also refer to Fellowships + residencies, below.
2002 // Greater Dandenong National Writing Awards, first prize for 'The Gunshot Symphony' (fiction).
1999 // Irish Famine Commemorative Literary Prize, first prize for 'Ancestors' (poetry). Poets Union Anthology Competition, first prize for 'Evolution of Mortality' (poetry).

Other prize mentions
2015 // New South Wales Premier's Literary Awards (Kenneth Slessor Prize for Poetry), shortlisted for Wild (collection of poetry). The University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor's International Poetry Prize 2015, longlisted and anthologised, 'She Charts the Geography of Longing' (poetry).
2012 // 2012 Prime Minister's Literary Awards, longlisted and highly commended for This Floating World (collection of poetry). Poetry on the Lake XII International Poetry Competition 2012 (XII Poetry on the Lake Festival, Italy), longlisted for 'Stag' (poetry). Pushcart Prize XXXVI, nomination for 'North Wind' (poetry).
2011 // Victorian Premier's Literary Awards (CJ Dennis Prize for Poetry), shortlisted for This Floating World (collection of poetry). The Age Book of the Year Awards (Dinny O'Hearn Poetry Prize), shortlisted for This Floating World (collection of poetry). MPU International Poetry Competition 2011, commendation for 'Nebula' (poetry).
2008 // Mary Gilmore Prize, shortlisted for Fresh News from the Arctic (collection of poetry).
2005 // Newcastle Poetry Prize, shortlisted for 'Nicolas Baudin' and 'The Anatomy of Clouds' (poetry).
2004 // Cancer Council's Daffodil Day Arts Awards, commendation for 'Heirloom' (poetry).
2001 // The Broadway Poetry Prize, highly commended for 'Elephant' (poetry).
1999 // Max Harris Literary Awards, commendation for 'Memory Suite' (poetry).

2012 // New Work Grant (Literature Board, Australia Council for the Arts). International Program Grant - Cultural Exchange (Arts Victoria). Also refer to Fellowships + residencies, below (The Cill Rialaig Project).
2007 // International Skills and Arts Development Grant – Studio Residency (Literature Board, Australia Council for the Arts). Also refer to Fellowships + residencies, below.
2004 // New Work Grant (Literature Board, Australia Council for the Arts).

Fellowships + residencies
2016 // The Abbotsford Convent, use of short-term writers studio (Abbotsford Convent Foundation).
2015 // Tyrone Guthrie Centre at Annaghmakerrig, Ireland (Peter Fallon (Chairman) and Robbie McDonald (Director), Tyrone Guthrie Centre at Annaghmakerrig).
2012 // The Cill Rialaig Project, Ireland (The Cill Rialaig Project Board of Directors). Readings Glenfern Fellowship, Glenfern Writers' Studios (Writers Victoria).
2011-12 // The Abbotsford Convent, use of artist studio in the convent building (Jim McIntrye and Abbotsford Convent Foundation).
2010 // Writing at Rosebank Fellowship, Rosebank Retreat for Artists (Writers Victoria).
Poet-in-Residence (Café Poet), Palace Cinema Como, Palace Cinemas (Australian Poetry Ltd.).
2008 // Tyrone Guthrie Centre at Annaghmakerrig, Ireland (Literature Board, Australia Council for the Arts).
2007 // Varuna, The Writers' House (Varuna Awards for Manuscript Development).
2003 // DJ O'Hearn Memorial Fellowship (The Australian Centre, University of Melbourne).

2014-15 // What the Bird Said, editorial/criticism.
2012 // Cordite Poetry Review, Issue 40: Interlocutor, guest poetry editor.
2011-12 // Five Poetry Journal, editor/curator.
2011 // Metabolism: Australian Poetry Ltd Members Anthology 2012, co-editor.